Do something good to your body
for that your soul wants
to dwell in it.

Theresa von Àvila

Pure Relaxation

At the SPA

Enjoy your stay at the Spa after a exciting day in the mountains. Essential oils and light therapy provide the necessary relaxation in the rest room and sauna, a wellness shower ensures a soothing cooling after the sauna sessions. In addition, we take care of your well-being with refreshing drinks & healthy snacks. The Fortuna’s special: If the weather isn’t kind to us, we offer small special arrangements to sweeten your day anyway.

Find out about the opportunity to have a masseur come to the house to organize an even more unique day.

Infrared cabin

The special warmth of the infrared cabin is exceptionally comfortable. Gentle Temperature that warms us from the inside and get us to sweat, let us relax our muscles. At the same time, you will find a mellow atmosphere in the varying-colored light.

Steam bath

If you’re still not hot enough, you can continue to sweat a little in the steam bath. Essential oils round off the session – the respiratory tract is freed up and the skin is also soothed. Dive into your vacation and get lost in daydreams.


Going to the sauna makes you happier, as the high temperatures reduce the stress hormone cortisol. However, the following applies here: Please do not compare to other guests but listen to your own circulation. Even in shorter sessions, we harden ourselves, care for our skin, relax our muscles and stimulate our circulation.

Wellness­ shower

After sweating, cool down a bit to regular body temperature and then use the wellness shower. The chilly spring water offers wonderful cooling and thus stimulates the circulation again.

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